PrivateTour: Lakes and Mountains-following traces of G. Klimt, G. Mahler full day tour

From EUR 750

This Tour leads to the famous region and heart of Austria named Salzkammergut with its green wooden hills and emerald sparkling lakes and rocky mountains. After passing Lake Fuschlsee and Lake Wolfgangsee to Emperors summer residence in Bad Ischl. The route leads later to the Attersee where once two international well known artists passed their summer holidays and enjoyed inspiration far away of the busy and hot city Vienna. Gustav Mahler built 1893 a little chalet right next to Lake Attersee, where he found peace and quietness to compose.  Gustav Klimt had passed 16 summers at Attersee and created characteristic paintings inspired by the colourful impressions of this extraordinary landscape. Lets you take to this enchanting region and listen who else of Viennas society had passed its summers in this charming heart of this Austrian country

From EUR 750

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  •  Lake Fuschlsee
  • Lake Wolfgangsee - St. Wolfgang - Trypticon of Michael Pacher from 1471
  • Bad Ischl -  Cafe Zauner
  • Attersee -  visit of chalet Gustav Mahler´s
  • Gustav-Klimt--Museum Kammer-Schörfling
  • Visit of an aotuentic beer brewery time for a typical austrian Jause with Speck, Schnaps homemade bread


  1. Salzburg Mozartplatz 7 Pick up Minbus
  2. Vorderelsenwang
  3. Sankt Gilgen
  4. St. Wolfgang
  5. Bad Ischl
  6. Weißenkirchen am Attersee
  7. Steinbach a. Attersee
  8. Schörfling/Kammer
  9. Attersee
  10. Salzburg