Bavarian Alps and Berchtesgaden

From EUR 350

Berchtesgaden lies enbedded in the heart of the Bavarian Alps, next to the mystic Kingslake and the majestic Mount Watzmann. In the 19 th cent. Berchtesgaden has been famous for beeing a recreation resort for aristocrats and artistst, who were mostly attracted by the possibility visiting the saltmines. It historical signifciance lies back in the 12. cent. when king Barbarossa Frederic II .put the Dynasty of Wittelsbach Dynasty into Power to have a stronghold against the powerful neighbour - the Archbishops of Salzburg. Hear many interesting and spectacular stories, strolling through the cosy little town with it´s representative richly decorated Cilvil buildings,  enjoiing Cafe´s, handcrafted local woodworks, or relaxing by walking along the refreshing Kingslakehaving a breathtaking view from the painters corner.

From EUR 350

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  • Tour along the wild Kingslake river to Berchtesgaden
  • Kingslake freetime and romantic walk to the painterscorner
  • Walk through the charming town Berchtesgaden freetime for shopping handctafted wooden treasures,guided visit through the Collegiate Church Berchtesgaden (12. cent.)


  1. Salzburg Mozartplatz 7
  2. Anif
  3. Bad Dürrnberg
  4. Blick auf Berchtesgaden
  5. Oberau
  6. Schönau am Königssee
  7. Berchtesgaden
  8. Marktplatz Berchtesgaden
  9. Schloß und Stiftskirche Berchtesgaden
  10. Marktschellenberg
  11. Salzburg Mozartplatz 7