Christmas in Salzburg - discover atmosheric places in town

From EUR 192

Christmas – Magical and silent time of the year: many of us longing more and more for this quality time. In the end, there remains too little space for it: for listening, dreaming and reflecting.
Salzburg’s city breathes at his time of the year a very special and magical atmosphere. Not far from busy Christmas markets around Salzburg´s cathedral are many hidden places to be discovered.
Impressive also, walking through wintrily Salzburg above the magical silhouette of its various shapes of domes and towers, or artistically crafted old cribs and churches - some of them are a few hundred years’ old or visiting rich decorated courtyards…
During this tour, you will touch the secret of the Christmas mystery, as well the three Wise man´ donation in its meaning as a donation of humankind to Jesus. You will discover new impulses that will introduce Christmas to you before you will have time for strolling around one of Salzburg’s Christmas markets tasting local specialties.

Meeting:  At Festungsgasse: in front of wrought Iron Gate to St. Peter´s cemetery
Duration: approx. 2 hours
Price:  € 192,--

Private Tours are starting at 4.00 p.m. any day (except Saturday and Sunday)
Official Tours on Saturday  at 4.00 p.m. as an official tour: 15,-- per person

At any other date and time, this tour can be booked by choosing a voucher without time and date in the webshop and bring into agreement your desired time and date by sending an email to

From EUR 192

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  • Abbey Nonnberg
  • Ridgeway
  • Abbey St. Peter with the church and  "Wintermagic" in its courtyard
  • Franciscan church
  • Magical courtyards of the burghers' town
  • Charitable Christmas market at Alter Markt
  • Goldgasse
  • Salzburgs cathedral (guided tour inside)


  1. Festungsgasse
  2. Stift Nonnberg
  3. St. Peter
  4. Franziskanerkirche
  5. Salzburg
  6. Salzburg
  7. Alter Markt
  8. Goldgasse
  9. Salzburger Dom