Private Tour from Salzburg to Venice (via Dolomites - 4 days)

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Tours to Art and magical places:
From Salzburg to Venice via Dolomites

Private Tour Salzburg Venice via Dolomites (4 Passangers)
4 Days cultural trip

from Salzburg from 1.200,--/ Person

Archbishopric Salzburg and the independent Republic of Venice were connected very closely during medieval times, protecting their economic independence from imperial power. Beside economic issues,  a strong influence in cultural aspects between these two regions is notable: Celts, Romans, Langobards and others had cultivated the rough alpine landscape, designed their habitat and left us tremendous treasures. Most of this is hidden, but brought to light by your knowledgeable escort during your private tour. On this tour through this impressive landscape of the Alps, your personal guide and art historian will take you to most spectacular places with panoramic views  known as Dolomites (UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites), will take you also to Titian´s country, world famous painter who acted in Cadore, where his origins are, as a sucessful wood trader. This tour will not only relieve to you commercial and cultural connections of ancient European tribes, who once lived north and south of the Alps, during this trip you will gain specific insights in arts, handicraft, traditions, cults and religion. The tour moreover allows a new approach to the fascinating city of Venice and its past with its suppliers and arts.
For transport we use a comfortable van A/C (up to 4 - max. 5 passengers with luggage and dirver)

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  • Private Tour in a Van to most spectacular passes of the alpine regions:
  • from Salzburg over Dolomites, to Venice
  • Overnight in an authentic Chalet  (in the heart of Dolomites)
  • Overnight in Venice in a Palazzo at "Canale Grande" (4 Stars Double rooms)
  • Cultural trip escorted by an art historian during all days
  • Guided tour in Venice with a local and licensed guide and art historian - englishspeaking
  • Historical trade and merchant between Archbishopric Salzburg and Republic Venice through the Alps and beyond
  • The Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Region "Tre Cime" 
  • Ancient tribes of the Alps: Celts, Romans, Venetcens, Langobards
  • The vene of life for Venice - the river Pieve - Titian´s country - woods and rafters
  • Historical metropolis Venice: constructions, architecutre, merchants and arts
  • Guided tour in Venice with local licensed and English speaking guide (University degree in cultural studies)
  • Visit of a gondolas yard and much more



  1. Salzburg Pick up from Hotel
  2. Matrei
  3. Lienz
  4. Sesto Dolomites
  5. Sega Digon
  6. Pieve di Cadore
  7. Belluno
  8. Venezia