Romanesque and gothic style in Salzburg

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Medieval times had been a period of prosperity and wealth for Salzburg, carried by active trading, mild climate conditions, profitable mining, and a balanced government, which has been able protecting the country vastly from negative imperial influence. When Salzburg decided turning to its autonomy, the archbishopric had to go through major political disturbances and inestimable treasures had been destroyed by imperial revenge – only rare but thrilling cultural testimony came to us from this era, when Salzburg still have held a predominant role in European politics and culture.

This tour has been conceived for those, who would like to know better about style history and history and is therefore suitable for school classes.

From EUR 250

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  • Abbey Nonnberg (description of wall paintings (approx.1100) and architecture (1420))
  • Fortress Hohensalzburg (Tour though State Rooms, fond. 1500)
  • Abbey St. Peter´s (Basilica and cemetery, fond. 696)
  • Franciscan church - (1230 - 1450)
  • St. Blaise (1320 -1500)



  1. Kloster Nonnberg
  2. Festung Hohensalzburg
  3. Stift St. Peter
  4. Franziskanerkirche
  5. Blasius Kirche