Private "Sound of Music" Walking Tour (90 min)

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From EUR 105

Sound of Music walking tour (90 min)

For many decades the Sound of Music movie has been an unpayable promotion for Salzburg.  Even Maria von Trapp´s Biography was the base for this movie, it was never intended by Hollywood, creating a documentary about this extraordinary family, who emigrated before world war II and had to overcome lots of difficulties as American emigrants. The focus lied on pleasing to the American´s expectations about its role as liberation nation in post war time. Beside biographical aspects,  Salzburg´s extraordinary natural beauty and cultural highlights had impressed the movie directors.

This walking tour gives time to breath the atmosphere while visiting important spots from this movie, which are not visible during a common bus tour. It can be combined therefore combined with the “Original Sound of Music Tour”. It also may integrate different expectations existing in a family, about what the focus of a Salzburg visit should be and may deepen the Sound of Music experience with a cultural note.


From EUR 105

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  • Abbey Nonnberg
  • St. Peter´s Abbey
  • Cemetary
  • Carillion
  • Archiepiscopal Residences/square
  • Festival Theatres ( Edelweiss song)
  • Cathedral


  1. Mozartplatz 5
  2. SStift Nonnbergalzburg
  3. Residenz Platz
  4. Dom von SalzburgSalzburg
  5. Friedhof St. Peter
  6. FestspielhäuserSalzburg
  7. Mirabell Garten