Salzburg - "cittá universale" first baroque experience north of the Alps

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While walking through the city of Salzburg remarkable ideas of a Prince-Archbishop and his architect are omnipresent, as they had changed Salzburg´s atmosphere sustainable around 1600. Unfortunately, this congenial partnership between two outstanding personalities has been often misinterpreted and its spiritual message, motivations, political and historical backgrounds are left in the darkness. Get new insights about a thrilling time in European history

Prince-archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau and his architect Vicenzo Scamozzi from Veneto, who had formed Salzburg´s unique character is the primary focus of this walking tour

From EUR 220

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  • The Salzburg Cathedral
  • The old and new archiepiscopal Residence
  • Franciscan church
  • The maps gallery
  • St. Sebastians´ cemetery
  • Palace Mirabell


  1. Mozart´s square
  2. New Residence archiebiscopal
  3. Residence fountain
  4. Old Resic archiebiscopal residence
  5. Square of Cathedral (Domplatz)
  6. Cathedral of Salzburg (tour inside)
  7. Arches of Cathedral
  8. Franciscan Church
  9. Sala terrena/Maps gallery
  10. St. Sebastian´s cemetary
  11. Palace Mirabell/garden